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Crime and Safety

Crime and Safety - Key Figures

The number of annual notifiable offences of different types recorded by the police and fire and rescue services, for example the number of drug offences or primary fires (UK Crime Stats) For more infomration on Crime in Southend, please also see the UK Crime Stats website..

Fire and Rescue Service - All Incidents Attended (April - December 2016)

Numbers of all fire and rescue incidents (Essex Fire)

Notifiable Offences Recorded by the Police (2001 - 2013)

Number of notifiable offences recorded by the police by type (ONS Neighbourhood Statistics)

Percentage of Road Accidents by Type and Age (2010 - 2017)

The number of road accidents as a percentage, categorised by type and severity of injury (

Road Accident Data

The number of road accidents in Great Britan, for each category - the data includes, speed limit, road class, severity and number of casulaties (

Physical Environment

Commercial and Industrial Floorspace and Rateable Value Statistics

The number of commercial or industrial premises of different types (includes retail, offices, commercial offices, factories, warehouses), their total floorspace and rateable value (

Domestic Energy Consumption - (January 2017)

The average consumption of domestic energy (electricity and gas) including non domestic consumers (

Land Use Statistics

A breakdown of how land in the Borough is used - for example Domestic Buildings, Path, Rail, Water (


Car or Van Availability

Whether or not households have a car or van available to them, the number of vehicles available and the total number of cars or vans in the area (2011 Census Data)

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