Southend 2050

Southend 2050 is the city’s shared ambition for the future. It was developed in 2018 following extensive conversations with those that live, work, visit, do business and study in Southend. These conversations asked people what they thought Southend should be like in 2050 and what steps are needed now, and in the coming years, to help achieve this.

The ambition is grounded in the values of Southenders. It is bold and ambitious and will need all elements of our community to work together to achieve our goals. Southend 2050 includes 21 outcomes, which fit into six themes, each with associated outcomes. These themes provided a framework for our response to the COVID-19 pandemic and now inform our approach to helping local economic recovery. The six themes are:

  • Pride and Joy
  • Safe and Well
  • Active and Involved
  • Opportunity and Prosperity
  • Connected and Smart
  • Future Ways of Working

A five-year roadmap timeline identifies the key projects that will help make the ambition a reality.

The Southend 2050 outcomes and associated roadmap milestones were reviewed and refreshed in 2020 and 2021. As part of the refresh in 2021, Future Ways of Working was added as a sixth theme. Future Ways of Working is a framework for our workforce to guide the prioritisation and delivery of Southend 2050 outcomes.

To request a copy of the roadmap timeline or for more information about Southend 2050, please email us.

Our Annual Report 2020/21 provides information about our overall performance and key achievements made over the last year. The report also sets out our priorities for the coming year.

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