Local Land Charges Search

Local Land Charges fees are detailed below :-

                                                                                          Fee        Vat        Total

CON29’R’ only                                                                  £70        £14        £84
CON29’R’ and LLC1                                                         £105      £14        £119
Extra Parcel Fee (standard search)                                  £15        £2          £17
Con29 ‘O’ Questions (each)                                             £15        £3          £18
Extra Parcel Fee (LLC1 only)                                           £5          None      £5
Extra Parcel Fee (Con29 only)                                         £10        £2          £12

Southend Local Land Charges

When you are buying or selling land or property and/or the raising of Capital monies you will likely use our services. In the majority of instances your Solicitor will carry out the searches on your behalf. Official Searches provide comprehensive information fully certified and guaranteed by the local authority.

Personal Searches are undertaken by yourself and are very limited in content. They may not be suitable for a property transaction or may not be accepted by your lender.

Local Land Charges Institute

Southend Local Land Charges is a Member of the Local Land Charges Institute. The Local Land Charges Institute represents most of the Local Authorities nationally. The logo is copyright of the LLCI and it is your hallmark of a quality product. All Local Authorities in England and Wales will provide customers with the same quality product.


Page last updated: 29/09/2017