Housing Benefit Overpayments

Help with Housing Benefit Overpayments

If you get too much Benefit it is called an overpayment. We get back all overpayments unless they are caused by an official error and we could not expect you to know you were being overpaid.

If you cannot afford to repay your overpayment in full you will need to contact us. We will tell you your repayment options, you might have to complete an Income and Expenditure form, this can be found in the Online forms section. In some cases we may refer you to Step Change Debt Charity for further advice. 

If you are working we may claim back the overpayment through your employer. Further information about how we will do this can be found in the DEA section for employers link below and in Related Downloads.

For more information about overpayments please see our related downloads

Page last updated: 17/06/2014