Commercial Waste

Recycling at work

Under the pre-treatment of waste regulation 2007 businesses who take non-hazardous waste to landfill must treat this waste beforehand. This can include recycling. By collecting your non-hazardous waste in different streams you can facilitate this process as materials can be sent for recycling to their corresponding reprocessors.

You can also help your business to be more sustainable, whilst at the same time save money – costs of disposing of waste to landfill are increasing every year (in April Landfill Tax increased to £80 per tonne in tax alone), and this will be reflected in your collection costs. Recycling your waste is therefore cost-effective as unnecessary disposal costs can usually be avoided.

Recycling is also a way of improving your business’ environmental credentials, and with a good system in place it will also be easy to do!

These pages will provide you with tools (including poster templates, a resource efficiency business pack, and other templates) ideas and support if you are considering setting up a recycling scheme at work.

To find a recycling service to suit your needs please see our Commercial Waste Directory here where you can search by business name or based on the type of material you generate.

Recycle More has some general advice for businesses looking at establishing a recycling collection at work.

Page last updated: 19/06/2017