Southend Pier Walkway is closed today (21/09/18) due to strong winds.

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Walking to School

Walking to School

  • It'll save you money. Walking to school instead of driving saves, on average, £400 per year.
  • It's educational. Walking to school can help your child build independence, road safety and social skills. In a study by Living Streets, 84 per cent of the children who walked to school often meet up with classmates on the way to school.
  • It's healthy. Children need at least 60 minutes (one hour) of physical activity every day. The journey to and from school is an ideal time for children to be active.
  • It's better for the environment. One person switching five journeys of fewer than two km a week from the car to walking would reduce their carbon footprint by 86 kg a year.

Walking Bus

  • The Walking Bus has at least two parent volunteers who escort children to school along a set route, picking up more ‘passengers’ at ‘bus stops’ along the way. The route is reversed in the afternoon.
  • Powered by leg-work, the bus provides an ideal opportunity for regular daily exercise for all involved. The introduction of several ‘bus routes’ can help to cut car journeys to school, reduce congestion and pollution and improve road safety around the school area.
  • All volunteers are vetted by the school and will have enhanced DBS checks. We will check that the route is safe.
  • We are happy to provide information regarding setting up a Walking Bus route at your school. However, for the Bus to be successful, the parents at your school need to be very committed to the idea as the success of the scheme is very reliant on reliable volunteers.

Page last updated: 21/06/2018