Donate a Tree in a Park or Open Space

Donate a Tree in Parks and Open Spaces

Trees can be planted at various locations around the town, in parks and along the highway. The cost of a tree is £160, and they will be supplied and planted by Southend-on-Sea Borough Council. A commemorative plaque can be included with parks trees for an additional cost of £135 (£120 for Advantage Card holders).

We need to receive your application before 1st October in order to plant your tree in the planting season from January to March the following year.

Once your application has been received your requested tree location will be assessed and you will receive a response as to whether the location is possible. Once a location has been agreed you will be sent an invoice for the full cost and on receipt of payment your order will be processed.

All choices are subject to availability of space and site location. The exact location in which the tree will be planted is determined by Southend-on-Sea Borough Council. Trees will be planted within parks only where an identified need for additional trees is required for the benefit of park users and the environment.

To donate a tree please complete the Donate a Tree in a Park or Open Space online form.

Page last updated: 04/06/2018