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Crematorium and Cemetery Memorials

Book of Remembrance

To commemorate those cremated at Southend's crematorium we have provided Books of Remembrance.

The book comprises of several volumes and is hand-made throughout. It is richly decorated, the inscription being lettered by craftsmen. Inscriptions can incorporate floral motifs, service or association badges or family crests and will be added in full colour.

Image of a page from the book of remembrance

The entries are recorded and displayed annually on the anniversary of the date of death or any other commemorative date or anniversary that you request. 

Two pages per book are allocated to each day of the year, and the book is displayed open at the corresponding day, in a protective glass case.

You can view the Book of Remembrance at the Crematorium.

New book of remembrance

Many people wish to have a copy of the inscription as it appears in the Book of Remembrance. This can be supplied either on a memorial card or in a miniature reproduction of the Book of Remembrance. Please e-mail for prices.

Families and friends can bring cut flowers to the crematorium in memory of loved ones and place them in the memorial chapel.

Vases and fresh water can be found in the room opposite the memorial chapel.

The floral tributes may be taken from the chapel to decorate other rooms in the crematorium. After a reasonable time they will be removed by the crematorium staff.

Please note that unfortunately no glass vases or potted plants are allowed within the building. 

You can use the online form to arrange for the addition of an entry in the Book of Remembrance. 

Entries must be received 5 months prior to your chosen insertion date.

The prices for each type of entry are shown below.  

Fees and charges for the Book of Remembrance
From 1 April 2018 (prices include VAT where applicable)

Two line entry (including name of deceased) - £115.00

Five line entry (including name of deceased) - £175.00

Eight line entry (including name of deceased) - £230.00

Five line entry (including name of deceased) with floral emblem - £305.00

Eight line entry (including name of deceased) with floral emblem - £380.00

Five line entry (including the name of the deceased), with a badge or crest - £320.00

Eight line entry (including the name of the deceased), with a badge or crest - £390.00

Eight line entry (including the name of the deceased), with a coat of arms - £410.00

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