Reporting Needles, Syringes and Drug Related Waste

You must not dispose of sharps, needles, syringes and other types of clinical waste in the waste sacks. If you do generate needles or any clinical waste you are unsure about, then please speak to the medical establishment or health professional treating you. Alternatively please see our clinical waste collection pages.

If you find needles or any type of drug-related waste in a public place, please contact us so we can arrange for their safe removal. Please do not touch the items. If the items can be guarded to prevent injury until we arrive, this would be helpful.

If drug-related waste is found on educational premises during working hours, you should report them to the staff on the premises immediately.

If needles or other drug-related waste are found on private property, Veolia can be contacted to request a quotation for their safe removal. Please contact them directly on 0203 567 6955.

Page last updated: 10/12/2015