We are proud to support veterans in our communities.

If you were ever issued a service number then you are a veteran. No matter when you left, how long you served and regardless of regular or reserve, you are a veteran.

One way we show our support is by being part of the Armed Forces Community Covenant.

The aims of the covenant include:

  • raising public awareness of issues affecting the armed forces community
  • reducing any disadvantages suffered by armed forces personnel as a result of their service
  • recognising sacrifices made by the armed forces
  • encouraging activities which help to integrate the armed forces community with the wider community

Through this community covenant we are part of the VIP Tree.

The VIP Tree is a veterans information portal that helps veterans get access to services, support and discounts. It offers five 'pillars of support':

  • employment, education and training
  • health and welfare
  • finances
  • housing
  • products, services and discounts

The VIP Tree is a new service which is expected to grow over time.

We will be working with veterans and representatives of the Armed Forces to find out what services it might be helpful to offer.

Veterans are invited to register now to be the first to find out as services are offered. It is free for veterans to join.

You will be able to find out about news and events such as our Remembrance Sunday event which we hold every year to honour our Veterans.

Organisations that support veterans can to register on the VIP Tree.

Details of our Armed Forces Community Covenant can be viewed here.

Page last updated: 20/06/2017