Construction Sites and Demolition Sites

Nuisance from Construction Sites and Demolition Sites

We can deal with complaints of nuisance from building and demolition sites which include:

Reporting a Nuisance

A problem can be reported to us online. If the problem is currently happening please call us on 01702 215005.

There is an out of hours service available most Friday and Saturday evenings between 5pm and 1am on 01702 215000.

What We Can Do

An Officer can investigate and witness the nuisance to assess whether we can deal with the problem.

Our judgement will be based on the impact on the complainant, the intensity, cause, type, duration, time of day, noise background levels and whether the contractor is using the best practical means to minimise the impact the work is having on neighbours.

If we decide that the nuisance could be reduced, we will firstly give advice and if this is not followed it can be followed by a legal notice.  If this notice is not complied with there is an unlimited fine that the Court can impose to which the Council’s prosecution costs may be added.

The type of things that the Council may specify includes:

  • which plant or machinery may or may not be used
  • the hours during which work may be carried out
  • maximum noise levels
  • methods of working.

If you want to complain about mud on the road from the construction sites, please see our Report a Parking or Road Problem page.

Best Practical Means

If the contractor is already using the best practical means we will be unable to take any action to resolve your complaint.

Page last updated: 14/03/2017