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Air Pollution

Smoke Nuisance

Sources of smoke nuisance dealt with include:

  • Chimneys
  • Domestic bonfires 
  • Commercial bonfires / Building Sites, including commercial restoration works

There are no smoke control areas in Southend on Sea.

The Council reduces smoke emissions under the Clean Air Act 1993 through controlling the chimney height of furnaces in the Borough.

There are no specific rules when bonfires may be lit, however the Council is able to deal with smoke from bonfires where it is considered to be a statutory nuisance. The Council does not recommend that anyone has a bonfire and further guidance is provided. However there are stricter rules for burning commercial and trade waste

There is an out of hours service available most Friday and Saturday evenings between 5pm and 1am on 01702 215000.

The Council will not intervene where anonymous complaints are made. This is to protect staff and prevent what might otherwise be unfounded or malicious allegations. You should be reassured that the identity of any person contacting the service will be kept confidential in accordance with Data Protection legislation.

Page last updated: 10/03/2015