Hosting an Event on Council Land

We are happy to help and support you throughout the planning of your event. We highly recommend that you talk to us well in advance of a proposed event to make sure that everything runs as smoothly and safely as possible.

We can:

  • help make sure your chosen site is available
  • answer any queries you may have
  • advise you on your responsibilities and our requirements
  • make sure that you have plenty of time to submit an application for an event permit.

You need an event permit before holding an event, as this permit confirms that you have the permission you need to hold your event.

But you do not need a permit if you are holding an event that does not include any licensable activity, such as selling alcohol or playing music.

Note: The event permit may not be the only permission you need.

To make sure the event is legal you must also get any other permission, consent or approval that is needed to hold the event (and any activity within the overall event) well in advance.

But you will not need an event permit if your event is not held on Council land or property.

When do I need an Event Permit?

This is not an exhaustive list, but these are some examples of cases when you would need an event permit (only if on Council land/property):

  • a small table/marquee/stand handing out leaflets
  • sponsored walks & swims
  • fetes, fairs and shows
  • musical events
  • carnivals
  • festivals
  • marches and parades
  • charity events such as marathons.

Planning Your Event

Please refer to the information below to help you plan your event:

Where Can I Hold an Event in Southend?

Within each of the following areas there are a range of sites for daily hire:

  • Town Centre
  • Seafront (Beach Areas)
  • Parks.

Please see the Council Fees and Charges document for more information.

If you have specific reasons for wanting a different site, please contact us before you plan or apply for your event. We will then look into whether or not your preferred site can be hired.

Fees and Charges

Most events will result in fees and charges, but the costs depend on the elements of your event. Once you have applied for an Event Notice, we will tell you what fees and charges are necessary for your event.

Please note as from 1 April 2017 there is an application process fee of £25.00 per application which is payable upon submission.

How to Apply

It takes up to 6 weeks for us to consider standard applications for Events Permits. So make sure that you have allowed enough time to get all the permission you need before planning an event.

You can apply using our online form, or by downloading the application form found in our related downloads and either posting or emailing it to us.

Note: please make sure that the form is completed fully and you include all supporting documents needed before you submit your application.

If any information is missing or incorrect we may return your application to you.

Page last updated: 25/05/2017