Recycling in Southend


As well as using your Blue Food Waste Bin to dispose of fruit and vegetable peelings, you can also compost them at home to re-use in your garden.

Many different materials can be recycled in a home compost bin. These include vegetable peelings, old flowers, fruit scraps, tea bags, coffee grounds, green garden waste such as weeds, grass cuttings, shrubs and hedge prunings, leaves and bedding from vegetarian pets.

Why Compost?

  • Composting is good for the environment as well as good for the garden.
  • It saves you money, as you will no longer have to buy compost.
  • Compost improves all types of soils and helps to make them healthier - promoting plant growth and filling your garden with colour and life!

For a guide to composting in seven easy steps, and other help and advice see Recycle Now.

What can’t you compost?

  • Any food such as meat, fish, cheese – you can put these in your Blue Food Waste Bin
  • Any pernicious weeds, like Japanese Knotweed – please contact the Environment Agency for details of how to dispose of this.
  • Carnivorous pet waste – only waste from vegetarian pets can be home composted
  • Roots from perennial weeds

Where to put your compost bin:

  • On grass or soil, anywhere convenient, but easily accessible from the kitchen.
  • If you need to put it on hard ground ensure that it has adequate drainage.
  • Choosing a sunny spot for your bin will mean that the bin heats up more quickly- speeding up the composting process.
  • You can also place your compost bin in the shade, but the process will be a little slower.

Where to buy your compost bin

The following compost bins are available for purchase, as well as water butts and other products, by visiting essex-getcomposting or call 0844 571 4444.

Type of Composter Price
Compost Converter 220 litre £8.98 + £5.99 delivery per order*
Compost Converter 330 litre £9.98 + £5.99 delivery per order*
* Special Offer: Buy one get one half price.

Page last updated: 19/05/2017