About Southend-on-Sea Borough Council

Corporate Plan and Annual Report - 2017

The Corporate Plan and Annual Report 2017 was agreed by Cabinet on the 20th June and by full Council on 20th July 2017. It sets out our key achievements for 2016/17 and outlines the agreed corporate priorities, related actions, performance measures and targets for 2017/18.

It is informed by the priorities of Southend Partnerships and is underpinned by service and team plans, along with actions in individual staff appraisals. Progress against the plan is monitored and managed regularly by Cabinet, Scrutiny Committees, the Corporate Management Team and service managers.

The 2017 Corporate Plan and Annual Report outlines:

  • The Council’s governance arrangements
  • The high level political and staff structures
  • The Council’s budget
  • Key achievements during 2016/17
  • The Council’s vision, values, 5 aims and 15 corporate priorities for 2017/18
  • The Council’s equality objectives for 2017/18
  • The Council’s key performance measures for 2017/18
  • The Council’s key actions for 2017/18

Page last updated: 13/06/2018