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Workforce Data

To find out the statistics on various aspects such as age, gender and ethnicity of our staff, please see our Employee Equality Report - March 2015.

Supporting staff through Forums

We fund three staff networks providing advice and support to staff and the wider organisation. They include the Disabled Staff Forum (DSF), the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (OUTreach) Forum and the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Forum (BAME).

Each network supports their members through events, by raising awareness of issues and contributing to the development of Council policies and the business agenda on equality and diversity.

Benefits of staff Forums

Benefits for members:

  • Source of support information and guidance
  • Support personal development of members
  • Allow for sharing of experiences
  • Empower staff by increasing knowledge
  • Build confidence amongst network members
  • Offer a safe, mutually supportive environment to discuss and address issues.

Benefits for the wider organisation:

  • Provide support for the organisation on equality and diversity
  • Help ensure better policy making
  • Provide role models for progress
  • Increase sense of belonging and commitment to the organisation
  • Contribute to better motivated staff
  • Demonstrate Council's commitment to equality and diversity.

Disability Staff Forum (DSF)

The DSF offers support for our disabled staff via discussion forums, email and at its meetings. The Forum aims to influence Council policy and decision making, and to this end, they are active in policy consultations, as well as training.

Open meetings and other events such as the Disability Awareness Day are open to all staff, partners and public who have an interest in disability matters.


Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Forum (OUTreach)

Formed in June 2008 the Forum provides a valuable support and an opportunity for staff share ideas and discuss new and existing policies in a safe environment.

They also contribute to internal policy making, advising on HR policies such as the flexible working policy and Corporate Equality Objectives.

The Forum supported the Council's Stonewall WEI submission helping the authority to be recognised as a top 100 employer, 37th nationally, 4th highest placed local authority and highest ranked local authority in the East of England.


Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Forum (BAME)

Formed in 2008 the Forum provides a valuable forum for mutual support and an opportunity for staff to share ideas and viewpoints on new and existing policies. It is self-run and self-managed by BAME members of staff.

The Forum was shortlisted for the Employee Network Award in the prestigious Race for Opportunity Awards 2012. The work of the Forum was recognised as best practice and we were the only local authority to be shortlisted in any of the Awards nine categories.

The activities of the Forum contribute towards Council's Equality Objectives and like all Forums have support from Senior Management.


If you have any questions about Staff Forums please contact the Senior Advisor for Equalities and Inclusion at

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