Make a Planning Application

Please refer to our Planning Advice and Guidance section prior to submitting an application to confirm if planning permission is required and if so, to view further details relating to the policy considerations that will be relevant to your application.

When submitting an application please ensure you have read the Local Validation List and that you have downloaded the relevant Checklist for submission with your application (available in Related Downloads).

Local Validation List - Consultation

Our local list of validation requirements sets out information required to validate planning related applications, in addition to those national information requirements set out in primary legislation. National Planning Practice Guidance and the Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) Order 2015 (as amended) require local planning authorities to review their list every 2 years. Our list is due for review and a revised list of validation requirements is now published for consultation purposes.

Should you wish to comment on any of the revisions, please send your comments to by 31st December 2017.

Any responses received during the consultation period will be taken into account before the final revised local list of validation requirements is produced and published.

Online Submissions

We encourage you to submit your planning application online using the Planning Portal, which enables anyone to submit a planning application electronically to us free of charge. All you need is electronic copies of your drawings and supporting documents.

Main benefits of online submission:

  • Free of any additional charge.
  • Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • No printing or postage required.
  • Simple to register and submit applications.
  • Applications can be managed and tracked online.

Hard Copy Applications

Alternatively you can download the forms and email us or return to us by post or submit by hand.

A planning application comprises:

  • Standard 1APP form and accompanying checklist
  • The appropriate fee
  • Plans/drawings and other supporting documents as specified in the Local Validation List.

Note: All plans must include a drawing number and title, be of a suitable quality for reproduction and include a metric scale (including print size e.g. 1:50 at A3). Plans and supporting documents are open to inspection by the public and therefore any confidential documents should be clearly marked (including a reason for the sensitivity).

Please note a minimum of one original and one copy of the application (including all supporting documents) is required, however, in the case of major/complex applications additional copies may be required along with a CD version.

Page last updated: 17/01/2018