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Citizenship Ceremonies

Since 2004, if you are over 18 years old and are applying for naturalisation or registration as a British Citizen, you have to take a citizenship oath and pledge at a citizenship ceremony.

Our Registration Service offers group Citizenship Ceremonies, or individual ceremonies at a fee.

Once you have taken your citizenship oath and pledge, your nationality certificate will be given to you by the Mayor (or their Deputy) on behalf of the Home Secretary. This certificate can then be used to support passport applications and to prove that you are a British Citizen.

Price Guide for Individual Citizenship Ceremonies

Staff Attendance and Room Hire Packages
Approved Premises (Weekday) £390.00
Jubilee Room (Monday to Thursday includes room hire) £430.00
Decommissioned Room (Monday to Thursday includes room hire) £255.00
Register Office (Monday to Wednesday only) £140.00

Page last updated: 01/04/2016