Call for Sites

Call for Sites (Current Stage)

What is the Call for Sites?

We are gathering information about land that might be considered suitable for development in the Borough in the future through the Call for Sites. A Call for Sites was requested in May 2017.

The assessment of land availability, for both housing and economic development, is an important component in the preparation of Local Plans. Sites submitted as part of the Call for Sites will be assessed as part of the preparation of a new Southend Local Plan, which may ultimately lead to the site being allocated, providing more certainty for development in this location.

Information gathered during the Call for Sites will therefore be assessed within the Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA) and other evidence base documents. Submitted sites are assessed to establish the capacity, suitability, availability, and achievability for development, taking into account planning policy, environmental and local constraints and the extent to which these can be mitigated or addressed.

The Call for Sites will not however determine whether a site should be allocated for development, it is a technical exercise aimed at identifying potential sites for development, and all proposals will be considered. It is unlikely that all sites put forward will be included in the new Southend Local Plan but submitting a site(s) through the Call for Sites ensures it is considered, and may lead to an allocation.

Please note that any sites submitted after the deadline in May 2017 are unlikely to be considered in the new SHELAA, however they may be assessed as part of a future update.

Should you have any enquiries regarding the Call for Sites, please address them to or alternatively 01702 215004 ext. 5408

What are the next stages?

All sites submitted during the Call for Sites in May 2017 will be assessed in due course on the basis of their suitability, deliverability and achievability for development. Please note that any initial assessment undertaken on a site does not allocate a site or guarantee that it will be taken forward in the preparation of the new Southend Local Plan.

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