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Parent Partnership

The Southend-on-Sea Parent Partnership Service

Working in partnership with us, the Parent Partnership Service [PPS] offers free, impartial and confidential support and advice to parents and carers whose children have special educational needs.

Ways in which PPS offers support include:

  • Giving information about the Local Authority's policies and procedures in order to help parents and carers make informed decisions
  • Signpost parents or carers to voluntary groups and organisations that are able to provide support
  • Supporting parents and carers during the statutory assessment process, please see below for more information and some useful factsheets
  • The PPS has a small team of volunteers that can support parents and carers and some meetings; explain letters; assist with the completion of forms that are required during the Statutory Assessment Process

A variety of guides can be found below to assist parents of children with special educational needs.

Statement Process

If you are looking to obtain a Statutory Assessment (also known as a Statement of Special Educational Needs or just a 'Statement') your child will need a CAF (Common Assessment Framework) in place.

If your child already has one then please discuss this with your lead professional. If not please contact the school (or Early Years setting) SENCO about completing a CAF.

Refusals to Assess or a Note in Lieu

If you have received a letter after the completion of the Statutory Assessment form outlining:

  • a refusal to assess
  • issue a statement
  • or 'note in Lieu' and not a statement

Please visit the Contact a Family or the (Independent Parental Special Education Advice) websites for further information and support.

Page last updated: 07/04/2016