Car Cruise Injuction

We have secured an injunction against unauthorised car cruise events and ‘unsanctioned meets’ that put lives at risk and give no thought to safety.

The injunction obtained from the High Court forbids any car-cruise events from happening anywhere in the Borough until 28th September 2017, and follows an injunction being obtained from the High Court in September 2015 for one year.

The injunction was sought after it emerged a ‘Southend Takeover’ event was being planned for Sunday 2nd October from 7.30pm. This has been organised without any communication with the us or our emergency service partners about how to ensure the event is run safely.
It is being advertised on social media and states that over 800 people will be attending with over 2000 people invited.

The injunction bans certain activities, such as racing, speeding and creating noise, where this puts public safety at risk or cause nuisance. By working with our events team, organisers of official events produce event plans that outline how the event can take place safely and how noise, litter and other potential nuisances can be managed. 

We actively support and promote events that are well managed and bring visitors to the town. This is in stark contrast with a spate of unauthorised burn-outs in 2015, where organisers deliberately bypassed our event planning process, organise meets late in the night without informing us, have no plans in place and then perform highly dangerous manoeuvres in front of throngs of spectators who line the streets. These events led to the 2015 injunction being sought.

Page last updated: 20/06/2017