Apply for Council Housing

We are currently updating our Housing Application process and are aiming to roll out our new system on 1st August 2014.  Whilst this is being done, we are unable to process any new applications from now until the new system goes live. If you still have a housing need after this date, you can log onto the new system which will require you to complete a further assessment and an application form. If you are homeless between today and the 1st August 2014, please contact the Housing Options Team on 01702 215002 Option 2 for further advice and/or assistance. 

To be considered for Council or Housing Association properties you need to be on the Homeseekers Register. Because there are few properties available and high demand for accommodation we need to prioritise who qualifies for the Homeseekers Register.


We strongly suggest that you consider other housing options such as privately renting before applying to go on the Homeseekers register.

How to Apply

To go on the Homeseekers register you need to complete our assessment form.

This form will be able to tell you if you qualify for the register. If after completing the form it says that you do qualify, you can then complete the application form.

You can only fill in an application form once you have completed the assessment form.

Follow the link below to complete an Assessment Form.

Complete the Assessment Form

Supporting Documents

Once you have completed the online form you may need to supply supporting documents.

We will only ask for copies and not original documents.

If we need any further information from you, we will write and ask.

Our Policy

If you would like full details of how we let our properties through a Choice Based Letting Scheme, please see our Allocation Policy in our related downloads.

Page last updated: 09/07/2014