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Boat Moorings

Mooring Applications

  • You can apply for a mooring by downloading the application form here.

  • It usually takes 2-3 weeks to set up an appointment and allocate a position. Once allocated and dug there is a 10 day settling period before a boat can be put on the new mooring (this period is only reduced if you have found a good existing root).

  • We aim to provide you with the position you request along the Foreshore but, if that is not possible, we try to get as close as possible.
Mooring charges 2015/16
Location Cost Waterman's Cost
Two Tree Island* £220.00 £130.00
PLA Two Tree Island (more water)* £340.00 £245.00
Hadleigh Ray (Larger craft and deeper draughts) £240.00 £150.00
Other locations £100.00 £70.00
Dinghy racks £35.00 n/a
Two Tree Island lockers £50.00 n/a

*Please note there is currently a waiting list for this location.

Payment for a new mooring along with the completed application should be sent to the address shown on the form.

Transfer or Moorings

  • If you want to transfer from your current mooring to another vacant mooring along the Foreshore (as long as you are not moving in to a more expensive area) please complete the 'Transfer of site' section.


  • Renewals invoices are sent, after the first year, in April.

Cancellations or Change of Details

  • Please inform us of any cancellations, change of details (craft or holder).

Further information is in the Terms and Conditions of the application form.

Page last updated: 11/06/2015