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Exclusion from School

Only the head teacher can exclude a pupil and all exclusions must be on disciplinary grounds (inside or outside of school).

Exclusion can either be fixed term for a set number of days or permanent. Fixed term exclusions cannot exceed 45 school days in any one academic year. In exceptional cases, usually where further evidence has come to light, a fixed period exclusion may be extended or converted to permanent.

Exclusion should not be used or extended for non-disciplinary reasons such as:

  • truancy or lateness
  • pregnancy
  • minor incidents such as failing to do homework
  • simply because the school feels a student has additional needs or a disability it is unable to meet
  • poor academic performance
  • breaking of school rules on uniform and appearance
  • punishing pupils for the behaviour of their parents
  • the failure of a pupil to meet certain conditions before they are reinstated

For more information about exclusion from school please view the following downloads:

Page last updated: 30/03/2017