Payment Information

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The date that you are paid depends on what sort of claim you have and how long you have been claiming.

Private Tenants

If you are a Private Tenant payment will either be

  • 4 weekly in arrears or Calendar Monthly in arrears for existing claims already in payment
  • 4 weekly in arrears for all new claims

To find out what your payment is please look at your notification letter. It will tell you in the middle of the page what payment cycle your claim is under.

4 Weekly Payment Runs 2017/2018
Date Payment Sent Date Payment to enter Bank Account
Wednesday 05/04/2017 Friday 07/04/2017
Wednesday 03/05/2017 Friday 05/05/2017
Wednesday 31/05/2017 Friday 02/06/2017
Wednesday 28/06/2017 Friday 30/06/2017
Wednesday 26/07/2017 Friday 28/07/2017
Wednesday 23/08/2017 Friday 25/08/2017
Wednesday 20/09/2017 Friday 22/09/2017
Wednesday 18/10/2017 Friday 20/10/2017
Wednesday 15/11/2017 Friday 17/11/2017
Wednesday 13/12/2017 Friday 15/12/2017
Wednesday 10/01/2018 Friday 12/01/2018
Wednesday 07/02/2018 Friday 09/02/2018
Wednesday 07/03/2018 Friday 09/03/2018
Calendar Monthly Payment Run 2017/2018
Date Payment Sent Date Payment to enter Bank Account
Wednesday 26/04/2017 Friday 28/04/2017
Friday 26/05/2017 Wednesday 31/05/2017
Wednesday 28/06/2017  Friday 30/06/2017
Monday 24/07/2017 Wednesday 26/07/2017
Friday 25/08/2017  Wednesday 30/08/2017
Wednesday 27/09/2017  Friday 29/09/2017 
Wednesday 25/10/2017  Friday 27/10/2017
Monday 27/11/2017  Wednesday 29/11/2017
Wednesday 27/12/2017 Friday 29/12/2017
Friday 26/01/2018 Tuesday 30/01/2018
Monday 26/02/2018 Wednesday 28/02/18
Wednesday 28/03/2018 Friday 30/03/18

Council Tenants 

Council tenants are always paid weekly. South Essex Homes normally gets payment over the weekend paid direct into your rent account.

Note: Universal Credit - Private Tenants, Council Tenants, Owner Occupiers and those of No Fixed Abode 

This benefit is paid by the Department of Work and Pensions and is paid direct into a bank account. For further details about Universal Credit and when you will be switched to receive it please see our introduction of Universal credits page.

Page last updated: 24/05/2017