Claim Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction

Thinking of contacting us about your Council Tax or Housing Benefit? ...No need!

If you register for MySouthend you can have access to your Council Tax bills, make payments, view your account, check your housing benefit entitlement, payment dates and notifications, and now tell us about changes using our new MySouthend forms, all from your secure online account.

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How to Claim for Pensioners

If you are claiming Pension Credit, you should make a Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction claim through Jobcentre Plus or the Pension Service.

Please contact Jobcentre Plus or the Pension Service for more information. 

How to claim for Working Age

If you are claiming Council Tax Reduction only, or

If you are living in support accommodation or if you have more than 2 children living in your family and you are on a low income you should complete our online Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction form.

In order to make a claim you will need to register for MySouthend. You can do this by visiting the MySouthend page. 

Claiming Backdated Housing Benefit

Sometimes we can pay you Benefit for a period before you made your claim. This is called Backdated Benefit. We can only do this if you have good reason for not making a claim earlier.

Some examples of good reasons include:

  • if you were too ill to be able to make the claim yourself and no-one could claim on your behalf
  • if you did not understand that you could claim, perhaps because of age, inexperience, language difficulties, difficulties in understanding technical documents or some other reason
  • if you were wrongly told that you did not qualify for Housing Benefit.

We can consider backdating your Housing Benefit up to 1 month for people of working age and 3 months for people over 60.

To apply for backdated Benefit you need to tell us on the same online application form you complete for claiming Housing Benefit. You need to include the following information:

  • the date you want us to backdate your Benefit to
  • the reason why you did not claim earlier
  • any supporting documentary proof.

Information to Support Your Claim

We need to see proof of your:

  • income
  • identity
  • National Insurance number
  • rent (if claiming Housing Benefit).

We also need the same information for any adult also living in the property (excluding boarders, subtenants and joint tenants).

Our online form will tell you what proof we need to see. The proof can be photocopies or scanned. We may ask to see originals if the copies given are not clear. You can use the evidence upload form in MySouthend. If you do not have an account for MySouthend please visit the MySouthend page to register.

If you cannot give us all the information you should still submit the form. This way we can start to deal with your claim.

We will then write to tell you what information we need to complete your claim. You will have 1 month to give us the proof.

Depending on your circumstances you may need to complete additional forms. If you or your partner (if applicable):

  • Do not have payslips you will need to complete the Certificate of Earned Income Form.
  • Have come to live in the United Kingdom within the last two years you will need to complete the Persons from Abroad Form.
  • Pay child care costs you will need to send your childmind the Childcare Expenses Form.
  • Are self-employed and do not have audited accounts you will need to complete the Self Employed Information Form.

All of the above forms can be uploaded via the evidence upload facility in MySouthend

For more information on how to claim and for the additional forms please see our related downloads.

Page last updated: 27/07/2017