About Our Current Budget

We have agreed our budget for 2017/18.

To help meet a budget gap of £11m, £6.921m of departmental savings, plus £0.581m savings from Public Health will be made. In addition, council reserves of £3.8m will be used to offset the estimated reduction in business rates and smooth the council’s budget gap over the next three years.

We will invest £3m into services, including £1m to deal with the implications of the national living wage, £500,000 to care for an ageing population that need council support, £400,000 to help children with learning disabilities move into adult social care, and £600,000 for added demand and cost pressures in children’s services. An additional £2m will also be invested in one-off essential projects.

Car parking charges will be frozen, and in some cases reduced, and cemetery and crematorium charges and Pier entry charges have also been frozen.

The approval of the budget follows confirmation that the main grant the council will receives from central Government will decrease by £6.7m (31% reduction) to £14.7m. By 2020 it is anticipated that the council will receive no core grant at all and will be reliant on council tax, business rates, and fees and charges as its main sources of funding.

£79m of additional funding for capital projects over the next four years has also been identified for expanded secondary schools, a new care campus for the elderly, an Innovation Centre at Airport Business Park Southend, and investment in the council’s housing stock, the Pier, parks and car parking improvements.

Council tax will rise by 1.99% and a 3% ring-fenced social care precept has been approved. In total this amounts to £1.15 per week for a Band D property or £60.12 a year.

You can view the full budget on the democracy website.

Page last updated: 16/03/2017