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About Our Current Budget

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council has agreed its budgets for 2016/17.

Despite continued central Government cuts (£8.43m or 28% in 2016/17), front-line services that people rely on have been protected with departmental service savings of £10.467m being found to balance the books.

£52.7m of additional capital projects will also be delivered over the next four years, including additional secondary spaces for local children, improvements to local facilities and housing and vital infrastructure. 

Council tax will rise by 1.99% and the 2% ring-fenced social care precept has been accepted. In total this amounts to 89 pence per week for a Band D property or £47 a year.

Along with the savings, the council also needs to find an additional £500,000 to deal with the increased demand for care of older people. This is due to residents living longer and staying independent in their own homes thanks to the help of council home care. A further £400,000 is also needed to fund transition costs of supporting people with learning difficulties who will reach the age of 18 and need adult social care services.

Public Health funding is also no longer protected, with central funding being reduced accordingly.

Savings will be made across the four departmental spending areas as follows:

  • Department for People - £5.311m
  • Department for Place - £3.367m
  • Department for Corporate Services - £1.408m
  • Public Health - £381,000

Page last updated: 26/02/2016