Kent Elms Junction

On 21 November, work started on widening the Kent Elms junction of the A127. This project involves installing additional lanes on both inbound and outbound carriageways, replacing the footbridge and introducing attractive new landscaping. The work is scheduled to continue through the spring 2017.

The £6.5m project aims to improve the traffic flow across this key junction into and out of the town and make it easier for people with reduced mobility and those with pushchairs to cross the highway. A new surface-level pedestrian crossing will be introduced across the A127 to the east of the junction near Mendip Crescent and a new one in Rayleigh Road. These will be timed to coincide with the main traffic light sequence. The pedestrian crossing next to the Kent Elms surgery, which opened in December 2015, will be retained and slightly modified.

The majority of the funding for the Kent Elms junction improvement (£5.1m) is the Local Growth Fund, with the remainder coming from the Council’s Capital budget.

The Council and Eurovia are working hard to keep disruption to motorists and neighbours to a minimum throughout these projects.There is a dedicated Public Liaison Officer, in place to keep residents, businesses and motorists advised of the works.

Current Works

The 9th June weekend road closure of Rayleigh Road was carried out successfully and with the new A127 Southend bound carriageway nearing completion Eurovia now need to resurface the carriageway. Between 19th to 30th June 2017 Eurovia will be resurfacing the A127- Arterial Road, Prince Avenue, Rayleigh Road so that they are all at the same level. Due to the operations involved, this requires a series of road closures to ensure the safety of the public and workforce. Residents and businesses will be informed of these closures by letter drop, Variable message Signs and social media. As usual the Public Liaison Officer will address any concerns raised.

The road closures will be in place from 8.00pm to 7.00am with signed diversions in place. The contractor will have finished his work before 7am however the surfacing material requires to be cooled before it is trafficked by vehicles. During these closures the traffic signal contractor will also be installing the new traffic signal poles and cabling. 

BT will continue to carry out their work at the South East corner of the junction and will be casing their new chamber.

Next week some off-peak daytime lane closures may still be necessary whilst work continues to be undertaken within the central reserve and supporting the BT works.

Coming up - There will also be some further overnight closures to allow SCOOT Loops to be cut and we will advise you of these dates once they have been finalised.

Resurfacing schedule - June 2017

Summer school holidays

All lanes will be completed on the Southend-bound carriageway before the summer holidays. Some off-peak lane closures may still be necessary at times but a minimum of two lanes on the Southend-bound carriageway will be kept open throughout the day. On the London-bound carriageway, there will be no peak lane closures and Eurovia will also endeavour to keep off-peak (09:30 to 15:30) lane closures to a minimum.

New footbridge

We are currently asking companies to submit bids for the replacement of the footbridge over the A127 at Kent Elms. We anticipate that the bridge will be assembled offsite and swiftly constructed in modules in the autumn. This will keep the number and duration of lane closures to a minimum at this point. We have made a commitment to keeping school crossing patrols in place during term times until a new footbridge is in place.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by these works and thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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Kent Elms Junction Drawing - Westbound

Kent Elms Junction Drawing  - Eastbound

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