Council Land and Property

If you need to know who owns a piece of land or property in Southend, the Essex Property Asset Map (EPAM) is a good place to start.

This holds property information for all Essex public bodies.

If you are not sure or need further information, the Asset Management Team maintains a record of any property, owned or leased by the Council. This includes a collection of maps and legal records of properties that we have an interest in.

We can check to see whether we own a property. If we do, we can put you in touch with the department responsible for the property.

If we do not own the property and EPAM doesn’t answer your question, the next place to try is the Land Registry who hold national records of land ownership.

Tips when using EPAM:

  1. You will need a compatible up to date website browser, more details can be found on EPAM.
  2. When you launch the interactive map, to see our holdings in full you need to zoom in to approximately 0.4 of a mile (scale in left hand corner of map).
  3. Click on a shaded area to see its details.

Page last updated: 26/10/2018