How to set up and use the Landlord Portal

Initial set up must be done by the Council. When you have been registered for access to the Landlord Portal you will receive 2 emails titled Citizen Access Landlords at Southend-on-Sea City Council.

The first will give you a link to the portal to be used on your first time accessing it. It will also give you the first part of your login details, your username.

The second will give you your password.

If you have not received these emails and would like to be registered to access the portal please contact the Council on 01702 215001.

Activate your Landlord account

  1. use the link in the first email and enter your username and password as given and click on Sign In
  2. you will then be prompted to set up a memorable password for future logins
  3. you will now see the home page of the Landlord Portal - with links to View Payments, View Claims, View Letters and Get In Touch

Accessing the Landlord Portal

  1. log in to MySouthend. You do not have to hold an account just select ‘continue without registering'
  2. from the main menu click on Landlord Portal
  3. you will be taken to the login page for the Landlord Portal. Enter your username and Password
  4. enter the online key that will have been sent to your registered email. Enter the key exactly as sent, this is case sensitive
  5. you will now see the home page of the Landlord Portal with links to View Payments, View Claims, View Letters and Get In Touch

View Payments

This area allows you to see details of the Housing Benefit payments issued to you.

There is a search facility at the top of the page which can be used to look for a specific period the payment was made.

Click Show Latest Payments under the search area to see a list of the most recent payments issued. You can export the details to a CSV format spreadsheet, and there is a facility to print the results of any searches made.

View Claims

This area allows you to search for linked claims. You can search for a specific record using the name or postcode field or for all Active claims.

View Letters

This area will show you all your Housing Benefit e-notifications. You can search for a specific period the notification was issued, or for notifications for a specific case.

Note, if you want to see historic letters you have previously viewed you need to untick the Only show unread letters field.

Get In Touch

You can use this area to notify the Housing Benefit Department of a change or issue relating to your Housing Benefit tenants.

The options under What do you want to tell us about? are:

  • I have not received the payment expected
  • my tenant has had a change in circumstances
  • my tenant has moved out
  • other change
  • other question
  • the rent has changed for one of my tenants

Select the appropriate option, complete the fields as prompted and submit your notification.

Contact Benefits

Telephone: 01702 215001

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