Kent Elms Junction

The completed Kent Elms project improves the traffic flow across this key junction into and out of the town and makes it easier for people with reduced mobility and those with pushchairs to cross the highway to access amenities. The majority of the funding for the Kent Elms junction improvement (£5.1m) is from the Local Growth Fund via the south East Local Enterprise Partnership, with the remainder coming from the Council’s Capital budget.

The new white arc pedestrian footbridge provides access to pedestrians for all disabilities across the A127. New surface-level pedestrian crossings were introduced across the A127, one to the west of the junction, one to east of the junction near Mendip Crescent and also one in Rayleigh Road. These crossings are timed to coincide with the main traffic light sequence and an informal crossing has also been added on Bridgwater Drive. In addition to improving vehicle access through the junction, pedestrians can now easily cross roads around the junction to access the local facilities.

The council would like to thank local citizens, businesses and drivers for their patience whilst completing this key Junction Improvement.

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