Naming ceremonies

A naming ceremony is a very special way of:

  • celebrating the birth of your child
  • welcoming your adopted child or stepchildren into a new family

Any parent or legal guardian can arrange a naming ceremony, and they do not have to be married or follow any religion to do so.

What happens during a naming ceremony?

The length of the ceremony depends on the options you choose when personalising your ceremony. There are vital sections to the ceremony, which are:

  • introduction and welcome
  • reading
  • naming of the child
  • parents promise
  • promises by supporting adults
  • signing of the record
  • closing words

But you can always have other sections such as:

  • the reasons for the name
  • the hopes for the childs future
  • further readings

Naming ceremonies are not religious ceremonies and so dont have any religious references.

Please Note: naming ceremonies are simply a celebration that you can choose to do. It is not a replacement for registering your baby, which is a legal obligation.

Booking a naming ceremony

To book a naming ceremony please use our online form. You can hold the ceremony in an approved venue or at your own home. The Register Office will be able to advise you on which premises can be used.

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