Building control charges

The charges have been formulated under our scheme for the recovery of building control charges and associated matters made under the Building (Local Authority Charges) Regulations 2010.

The standard scheme of charges are set on the basis that the building work does not consist of, or include, innovative or high-risk construction techniques, the duration of the building work from commencement to completion does not exceed 24 months and the builder is competent. If the basis on which the charge has been set or determined changes, we will refund or request a supplementary charge in writing, detailing how we have calculated the charge.

Full details of the basis on which we calculate your charge are given in the Building Control Standard Scheme of Charges. The Building Control hourly rate is £71.93 and the hourly rate to support the BSR is £89.97.

The charge tables can be viewed in our fees and charges document. For full details of the Building Control Standard Scheme of Charges please email

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