How to request CCTV footage

Process of disclosure - Subject Access Requests (SARs)

In accordance with the Council's publication scheme, fees may be payable for any CCTV footage requested in line with the Council's CCTV Charging Policy.

People whose images have been recorded and retained (Images will not be disclosed in instances where disclosure to the individual would prejudice criminal enquiries or criminal proceedings, or in instances where an individual has been unable or unwilling to provide a time, place and date by which the data controller can conduct a data search.

The data controller undertakes to search within one hour each way of the time supplied by the individual. In any instance where the individual making the request is unknown to the data controller then it is a requirement that the individual provides a suitable photograph of himself/herself so that an accurate identification of the individual can be made within the recorded data.). A charge of £10 will be made for each application for disclosure under this clause.

If the Council decides to release the data:

  • the Council will verify the accuracy of the request. The requester will be shown the relevant footage only (or authorised person acting on their behalf).
  • the viewing will take place in isolation from the control room, with adequate supervision.
  • only data which is specific to the request will be shown. It must not be possible to identify any other individual from the information being shown (any such information will be blanked-out, either by means of electronic depixilation, or manual editing on the monitor screen).
  • if a copy of the material is requested and there is no on-site means of editing out other personal data, then the material shall be sent to an authorised editing house for processing prior to being sent to the requester, (an additional fee would be payable for this).

How to apply to see an image

If you are the subject on the image, you must make your request on a standard access form.

A charge of £10 will be made for each application. You may need to supply a photograph of yourself to help us find the image.

You must tell us when and where the incident occurred. Please be as accurate as possible. We can only search a period of up to one hour before and after the time you give us.

Contact switchboard and out of hours

Telephone: 01702 215000

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