Looked after children and young people

A guide for looked after children and young people


The information on these pages cover many topics from your rights in care, to what happens when you leave care.

The pledge

Southend Children's Partnership have made a Pledge to Looked after Children. This is our promise to looked after children which we have made after talking to the Southend Looked after Children's Council is now the Young Experts Group Southend (YEGS), Voice4all, and on the requirement in Care Matters to set out in the form of a Pledge the services and support children in care should expect to receive.

Our promise to you

  • we will spend time with you and listen to you
  • we will involve you in decisions about your life
  • we want you to be involved and make your voice heard
  • we want you to be fit and healthy
  • we want you to feel safe
  • we want you to get the most out of life

Contact Children and Families

Telephone: 01702 215000

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