Party Walls

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996: Overview

If you intend to carry out building work which involves one of the following categories:

  • work on an existing wall shared with another property
  • building a free standing wall or a wall of a building up to or astride the boundary with a neighbouring property
  • excavating near a neighbouring building
  • or work affecting a floor partition or other structure separating buildings or parts of buildings approached by separate staircases or entrances (for example flats)

You must find out if the work is subject to the Party Wall Act 1996.

If it is, you must notify all affected neighbours. It is your responsibility as the owner/developer to comply with the Party Wall Act provisions.

Compliance with the Act is separate from obtaining planning permission or building regulation approval. We are not the regulatory body for this Act.

If you are uncertain, please check. Non-compliance could affect your right to build.

Please see GOV.UK for further information.

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