Telecoms Planning

Planning permission is not always required when a Telecom Operators/Developer wants to carry out development. Some developments are classed as Permitted Development.

What is required?

Development classed as ‘Permitted’ will require the Telecom Operator/Developer to submit either:


A Notice is written confirmation of the Telecom Operator/Developer intention to install electronic communications apparatus. The notice should describe the apparatus and identify the location where it is proposed to be installed.

Although the development is classed as ‘permitted’ we are entitled under Regulation 5 of the Electronic Communications Code (Conditions and Restrictions) Regulations 2003 to give notice to the Telecom Operators/Developer of any conditions we would like them to comply with. Our notice must be issued within one calendar month of receipt.

An Application for Prior Notification

This application should be submitted when a development is classed as ‘Permitted’ but also falls into one of the categories that means we must have the opportunity to say whether prior approval by us is required.

We can only consider the siting and appearance of the proposal. We must advise the Telecom Operator within 56 days whether prior approval is required and notify them of our decision to allow or refuse.

For this type of application we will place a site notice on or near the site and carry out consultations with affected neighbours. If no decision is made or we fail to notify our decision within the 56 day period, permission is judged to have been granted.

Development not classed as ‘Permitted’ will require the Telecom Operator/Developer to submit:

An Application for full planning permission

These applications are dealt with in the same was as other planning applications and consultation letters are sent to all affected neighbours and parties.

Telecom Applications are available to view on PublicAccess.

Mobile Operators’ Planned Development

Each year the phone operators also provide us with Annual Rollout Plans. These contain information about existing sites and proposed development. The plans do not include information relating to replacement sites required or Notices to quit served on an existing site.

Visit Mobile UK for more information.

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