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There are various community forums within Southend which bring together and support different local communities and groups. Forums are one way to get involved in activity and discussions about important local issues. Some local forums cover different themes like supporting children and young people or improving local health and wellbeing and others cover specific areas such as faith, ethnicity, volunteering or focus on smaller local areas and neighbourhoods.

Here is some further information on the forums.

1) SAVS Thematic Groups - Supported by SAVS (Southend Association of Voluntary Services)

SAVS Thematic Groups are attended by voluntary groups and organisations that provide services for people in the Southend-on-Sea area. The groups are an opportunity for voluntary organisations to keep informed on important issues affecting their group. They also provide an opportunity to promote the interests of the voluntary sector in Southend and to influence, support, collaborate over and promote the delivery of local services.

There are four groups covering four key themes. These are; Health and Wellbeing, Children and Young People, Black and Minority Ethnic, and Volunteer Managers. These groups happen once a quarter (four times a year).

For more information or to join the groups please go to the SAVS Thematic Groups website.

2) Southend Zimbabwean Network

Initiated in August 2009, the SZN is a partnership with the Turning Tides Neighbourhood Management Partnership (SAVS), with support from The Rosca Trust. SZN hopes to encourage, support and enable the Zimbabwean people within Southend to come together through one voice. The group is a fully inclusive voluntary organisation and membership is open to all who have an interest in supporting Zimbabwean community, regardless of race or religion.

3) Sarfend Forum

At the Sarfend website you'll find information on the seaside town, links to local sites, photos of Southend, and details of local attractions and an online forum to exchange views and comments. They also have advice for those visiting Southend-on-Sea, Southend News, and help on tracing Southenders. Please refer to Useful Websites section for the web link.

4) Southend Ethnic Minority Forum

Their Mission is to work to eliminate racial and religious discrimination, to champion the needs and interests of the Ethnic Minority Community, and to promote equal opportunity and harmony in the whole community.

For further information please go to their website via Useful Websites on this page.

5) Volunteer Organisers Forum

The Volunteer Organisers Forum is run by SAVS for voluntary groups and not-for-profit organisations, including statutory, who involve volunteers in their work. For further information please visit their website.

6) Transpire

Transpire is a non-profit community group which supports transgender people, their friends and family and the wider LGBTQ+ community in the Southend-on-Sea and surrounding areas.

Their aim is to provide a safe, friendly environment where people can meet and ‘be themselves’ without fear of prejudice or judgement. With a membership of over 230 people, they hold regular meetings to facilitate networking opportunities and provide peer support. They also have a chaperoning service for those who are too fearful of going out in to the community on their own.

For more information about Transpire, please visit

7) Chalkwell Ward Residents Association

Chalkwell Ward Residents Association is a non-party, non-sectarian grouping for residents of Chalkwell Ward, informing members on matters of local and community interest, encouraging a sense of local community, and fostering interaction between local people and those who govern them at local level. Ten meetings are held each year, normally attended by one or more of our local councillors, with speakers on subjects of local relevance; forum for discussion of matters of local concern; regular newsletters; occasional social events. Small annual membership fee (currently £5). Non-members £1 per meeting.

Further information is available on their website at

8) Piertalk

Piertalk offer the community a wide range of activities including walks, lunches and trips out. They have a thriving Book Club, Snooker Club and Morning Scrabble Club.

Further information is available on their website.

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