Chapmanslord Conservation Area

Chapmanslord Conservation Area was designated in 2004 and is the Borough’s most recent conservation area. It includes 1-31 and 2-44 Canvey Road, 1-5 Ray Close, 1-10 Ray Walk and 81-82 Marine Parade, Leigh-on-Sea.

The history of Chapmanslord Conservation Area

Chapmanslord Conservation area was an estate developed by the Chapmanslord Housing Society during the early 1920s as part of the Government's 'Homes for Heroes' campaign after WWI. It a good example of early 20th century Garden City planning and has a distinctive housing layout and street design characterised by a consistent architectural style and an abundance of landscaping both in the street itself and in the gardens which gives the area a pleasant Arcadian feel.

Chapmanslord special interest

The properties in the conservation area have an Arts and Crafts character with distinctive small paned metal windows, timber boarding and red tile roofs. There is a mix of house types but all have the same general style and with a common palette of materials and features which gives the conservation area a consistent character. Properties located at key locations within the development are orientated on a diagonal to create spacious gateways and focal points in the estate and this is a key part of its character. These properties often also have additional decorative features to highlight their importance in the street.

Further information on the special historic character of the conservation area can be found in the Chapmanslord Conservation Area Character Appraisal.

Development in the Conservation Area

All development in the Conservation Area including alterations such as changing windows and roofing materials should follow guidance set out in the Design and Townscape Guide in particular Section 9 Historic Buildings.

In addition to the normal planning restrictions the properties in Chapmanslord Conservation Area are covered by an Article 4 Direction which restricts works to the houses such as changing the windows and roofing materials which could normally be carried out without planning permission. For further details on Chapmanslord Article 4 Direction it is always advisable to check with the Council if planning permission is needed before undertaking any works to the exterior of a property in the conservation area.

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