Crowstone Conservation Area

Appeal Dismissed for Crowstone House

The Planning Inspectorate has dismissed the appeal to redevelop Crowstone House for a part 3/ part 4/ part 5 storey block of 14 flats. In her conclusions the Inspector said:

'..the proposal results in the loss of a building of considerable character and local importance. I appreciate that the existing building is not considered by the operator to meet the high standards now expected of a modern residential care home but there is no evidence that a suitable alternative use could not be found to allow it to be retained. In any event the replacement building would not be an acceptable alternative and the proposal thus fails to preserve the character and appearance of the Crowstone Conservation Area.'

The Council welcomes this decision which will help protect this important historic building and the conservation area from future development pressures.

The full appeal decision is available to download from our related downloads.

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