Leigh Cliff Conservation Area

Leigh Cliff Article 4 Direction

Leigh Cliff Article 4 Direction

Some minor forms of development are classed as "permitted development" and are normally exempt but in the Conservation Area this has resulted in unsuitable changes which have harmed its character. The Leigh Article 4 Direction has, therefore, been made with the support of residents, withdrawing this exemption. Planning Permission from the Council is now needed for the following types of development at properties listed below.

Leigh Cliff Conservation Area Article 4 Direction consists of:

  • Avenue Road, Leigh (all properties except 1-3 odd)
  • Cliff Parade, Leigh (5-39 consec.)
  • Queens Road, Leigh (all properties)
  • Seaview Road, Leigh (all properties)
  • Victoria Road, Leigh (all properties except 1-3 odd) 

Alterations to houses:

  • The alteration of any window which fronts a highway.
  • The rendering of brickwork of any part of a dwellinghouse which fronts a highway. (other forms of cladding already need planning permission).
  • Re-roofing with different materials.
  • The installation of hardstandings for vehicles.

(Similar alterations to other properties already need  planning permission from the Council).

Alterations to all buildings:

  • Painting over facing brickwork on any part of a building.

No fee is needed for a planning application required by the Direction. Planning Application forms can be downloaded from this website.

All development in the Conservation Area including alterations such as changing windows and roofing materials should follow guidance set out in the Conservation Areas Do’s and Don’ts Leaflets and the Design and Townscape Guide in particular Section 9 Historic Buildings. It is always advisable to check with the Council if planning permission is needed before undertaking any works to the exterior of a property in the conservation area.

The updated Conservation Area Appraisal for Leigh Cliff Conservation Area (adopted March 2022), makes a recommendation to update the Article 4 direction for this area, and work is underway to review this, although currently the Leigh Cliff Article 4 direction is as per the information provided above.

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