Leigh Old Town Conservation Area

Planning Consents and Leigh Old Town Article 4 Direction

Planning Consents

In addition to saved planning policy C4 - Conservation Areas - in the Southend-on-Sea Borough Local Plan saved planning policy C5 applies specifically to Leigh Old Town. It states that ".....the Council will require the retention of commercial, leisure and residential uses appropriate to its character as a working marine village, and will seek to reduce vehicular access for non-essential traffic. Permission will normally be refused for the loss of marine industrial uses and associated facilities. Development of existing cockle sheds to provide improved processing facilities will be encouraged ......"

Planning permission is needed for development which materially affects the appearance or use of buildings or land. This can include, for example, re-roofing and altering windows, constructing extensions and new buildings.

Leigh Old Town Article 4 Direction

Some minor forms of development are classed as "permitted development" and are normally exempt. But in the Old Town, this has resulted in unsuitable changes which have harmed its character. The Leigh Old Town Article 4 Direction has, therefore, been made with the support of residents, withdrawing this exemption. Planning Permission from the Council is now needed for the following types of development at properties in the area indicated in the following list:

Leigh Old Town Conservation Area Article 4 Direction applies to:

  • High Street, Leigh (all properties except the cockle sheds and boatyards adjacent to Leigh Station)
  • Bell Wharf
  • Strand Wharf
  • Alley Dock (all properties)

Restrictions on Permitted Development that now require Planning Permission


  • The alteration of any window.
  • The rendering of brickwork of any part of a dwellinghouse (other forms of cladding already need planning permission).
  • Re-roofing with different materials.
  • The installation of a roof light to any part of the roof.

(Similar alterations to other properties already need planning permission from the Council.)

All Buildings:

  • Painting over facing brickwork on any part of a building.
  • The erection, extension or alteration of a gate, fence, wall or other means of enclosure to any part of a property.

For 19-24 High Street and 3-5 Theobalds Cottages only:

Iin addition to the above types of development:

  • The erection of an extension to any part of a dwellinghouse.
  • The erection of a balcony to any part of a dwellinghouse.

No fee is needed for a planning application required by the Direction.

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