Consultation and Engagement

Current Consultations

Have your say and view our current consultations.

You can view completed consultations on our consultation portal.

Community Voices

Community Voices is a framework to help you get involved with the Council and its partners. Allowing you to choose your level of involvement, from just being informed about what is happening in Southend, right through to actively participating in your community.

Consultation & engagement is about working with local people to come to joint decisions: guided by local priorities and a shared sense of what matters locally, communities, councillors and partners work together to improve wellbeing.

Be Informed  Read about what is happening in Southend
Be Involved  Have your say on current consultations and login to the Southend Residents Panel.
Be Active  Actively participate in your community


The Council's Petition Scheme has details on how to present a petition to the Council and how we deal with petitions.

View the E-Petitions system.

Page last updated: 11/04/2018