Mutual Exchange

Information and advice about Mutual Exchanges

If you already have a council or housing association tenancy and want to move, you may wish to consider a mutual exchange. This is where two or more council or housing association tenants swap properties.

To mutually exchange, you need to find another social tenant whose property you would like to move into, and who would like to move into yours.

Unlike joining the Homeseekers Register, you do not need to evidence a housing need.

Depending on your circumstances, this can be a quicker way of finding a new social home than bidding on the Homeseekers Register. It also gives you the option of moving to a different borough.

All landlords involved in the exchange will need to give their consent before you can move. Your landlord may require you to meet certain criteria, for example relating to how long you have lived in your property or whether you have rent arrears. It is best to check with your landlord that you would meet the criteria before you begin searching for a property.

Please click on the name of your landlord for more information on their requirements:

You can look for properties to exchange into and advertise your own home for exchange in the following places:

  • using mutual exchange websites such as
  • on general selling sites such as Gumtree
  • in local newspapers (in your own local area or the area to which you wish to move)
  • adverts in local shops

Please exercise caution as there may be scams. You should never be asked for money to complete a mutual exchange.

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