Locally Listed Buildings

Buildings and Structures on the Local List

The Local List of Historic Buildings identifies buildings, structures and monuments of local architectural or historic importance. About 150 are on the Local List ranging from houses, shops and schools to transport structures and townscape features such as post boxes and shelters.

locally listed buildings and structures
Town Street Name/Number
Chalkwell Chalkwell Esplanade The Crowstone
Leigh Billet Lane Billet Cottage
Leigh Billet Lane Creek Cottage
Leigh British Rail Land Platelayers Hut (adj. To 13, The Gardens, Leigh Hill)
Leigh British Rail Land Signal Box west of Leigh Station
Leigh Broadway The Grand Hotel
Leigh Broadway 2-4 Shopfront only
Leigh Broadway 9-11 Clements Arcade
Leigh Broadway 21-23
Leigh Broadway 24 (Halifax)
Leigh Broadway 44 (shop front only)
Leigh Broadway 58 (Nat West)
Leigh Broadway 73 (Nationwide)
Leigh Broadway 87 (former Grindleys)
Leigh Broadway 93-111
Leigh Broadway 113-115
Leigh Church Hill 1-7, Norman Place
Leigh Church Hill 1-8, Pleasant Terrace
Leigh Church Hill Castle Cottage
Leigh Church Hill The Old Rectory
Leigh Eastwood Road North Cottage and Stable, Belfairs Park
Leigh Elm Road Police Station
Leigh High Street 2 and 3 Plumbs Yard
Leigh High Street Wharf Cottage, 39a
Leigh High Street The Customs House, 74-74a
Leigh Leigh Hill Prospect Villas, 59-63
Leigh Leigh Hill 60/62
Leigh Leigh Hill 82
Leigh Leigh Hill 98-108
Leigh Leigh Road Our Lady of Lourdes Church
Leigh London Road 925, Former Christian Science Church
Leigh Olive Avenue 71
Leigh Olive Avenue 73
Leigh Western Road Post Office
Leigh Broadway 86
Leigh Broadway 96
Leigh Broadway West 57
Prittlewell Station Approach Prittlewell Station
Shoebury High Street The Shoeburyness Hotel
Shoebury High Street Shoeburyness Rail Station (ticket office only)
Shoebury Hinguar Street Hinguar Primary School (the Victorian elements of the Hinguar Street frontage only)
Shoebury Ness Road 101 (former Palace Cinema)
Shoebury Ness Road 107
Shoebury Ness Road 109
Shoebury Ness Road 111
Shoebury Ness Road 113
Shoebury Ness Road 115
Shoebury Ness Road Cambridge House, 121
Shoebury Ness Road Former Gatekeepers Lodge
Shoebury Ness Road HMS Essex, 135
Shoebury North Shoebury Road Antiques Shop, Parsons Corner
Shoebury Rosewood Lane Ash Court and Beech Court (The Birdcages)
Southend Alexandra Road Synagogue
Southend Ambleside Drive Southend Adult Education Centre
Southend Boston Avenue Prittlewell Junior School
Southend Bournemouth Park Road Bournemouth Park Road School
Southend Branskome Road Branskome Road Methodist Church
Southend British Rail Land Signal Box north of Southend Victoria Station
Southend Church Road St John's Church and Cemetary
Southend Clarence Street 23-29
Southend Clifftown Parade Shelter east of War Memorial
Southend Clifftown Parade Shelter Opposite Devereux Road
Southend Clifftown Parade Shelter Opposite Wilson Road
Southend Clifftown Road Southend Central Station
Southend Coleman Street Brethren Church
Southend Dalmatia Road Salvation Army Hall, adj 21
Southend Eastern Esplanade 46-57 (consec)
Southend Eastern Esplanade 193
Southend Eastern Esplanade 194
Southend Eastern Esplanade The Britannia Public House
Southend Eastern Esplanade The Castle Public House
Southend Eastern Esplanade The Minerva Public House
Southend Hamlet Road The Cliff Public House
Southend High Street 3
Southend High Street 5
Southend High Street 29-35 (formally Woolworths)
Southend High Street 130
Southend High Street 143
Southend Home Guard Defence Post Gasworks site (sw corner) Eastern Esplanade
Southend Manners Way Manners Court
Southend Marine Parade The Cornucopia Public House, 39
Southend Marine Parade The Falcon Public House
Southend Nelson Street 2-18 (even)
Southend Nelson Street Clifftown United Reformed Church
Southend Nelson Street Post Box (adj. 9 Capel Terrace)
Southend North Road Cemetery Chapel
Southend North Road The Nelson Hotel
Southend Pier Hill Palace Hotel
Southend Prittlewell Chase Southend High School
Southend Royal Terrace 19-20
Southend Royal Terrace Alexandra Yacht Club
Southend Southchurch Boulevard Former Schoolhouse
Southend Southchurch Boulevard 95
Southend Southchurch Road All Saints Church
Southend Southchurch Road Post Box Adj. 228
Southend St Augustines Avenue St Augustines Church
Southend Sutton Road Coop building (front section)
Southend Swanage Road Southend on Sea New Church
Southend Victoria Avenue Civic Centre Fountain
Southend Victoria Avenue The Blue Boar Public House and Stables
Southend Victoria Avenue The Golden Lion Public House, 287-289
Southend Victoria Avenue The Spread Eagle Public House, 263-267
Southend Wallis Avenue Evangelical Church
Southend West Street 37-41 (odd)
Southend Western Esplanade Cliff Lift
Southend Western Esplanade Shelter opposite Westcliff Leisure Centre
Southend Western Esplanade Shelter west of Esplanade Public House
Westcliff Avenue Terrace Avenue Baptist Church
Westcliff Canewdon Road 1 ‘Oaklands’
Westcliff Canewdon Road 1 Sunray House
Westcliff Canewdon Road 2 Sunray House
Westcliff Canewdon Road 3 Sunray House
Westcliff Canewdon Road 4 Sunray House
Westcliff Canewdon Road 5 Sunray House
Westcliff Canewdon Road 6 Sunray House
Westcliff Claremont Road Former Police Station
Westcliff Crowstone Avenue Crowstone House
Westcliff Ditton Court Road 27
Westcliff Hamlet Court Road 50
Westcliff Hamlet Court Road 65
Westcliff Hamlet Court Road 103
Westcliff Hamlet Court Road 197
Westcliff Kings Road Crowstone United Reformed Church
Westcliff Kings Road St Saviour's Church
Westcliff London Road 447 - Former Lloyds Bank (now solicitors)
Westcliff Milton Road Our Lady St Helen's Church
Westcliff Palmeira Avenue Palmeira Mansions (including 1-9 Shorfield Road)
Westcliff Palmeira Avenue 1-19 Odd
Westcliff Pembury Road Ozone Cottage, 20
Westcliff Preston Road 35
Westcliff Seaforth Road Argyll House
Westcliff St Johns Road St Albans the Martyr Church
Westcliff Station Road Westcliff Station
Westcliff The Leas 21
Westcliff Westcliff Avenue Post Box adj. Winton Hall
Westcliff Westcliff Parade 27
Westcliff Westcliff Parade Post Box adj. St John's Court
Westcliff Westcliff Parade Sun Shelter
Westcliff Westcliff Parade Westcliff Hotel
Westcliff Western Esplanade K6 Red Telephone Kiosk
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