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Temporary event notices are for getting temporary permission to sell alcohol, provide entertainment or late night refreshment (hot food or drink from 11pm to 5am).

When do I need a temporary event notice?

You need a temporary event notice when a premises or area:

  • intends to be used for the activities listed above
  • and is not authorised by a Premises Licence or Club Premises Certificate

This includes:

  • beer tents and outside bars (including caterers supplying alcohol as part of an inclusive package)
  • alcohol 'given' away with purchase of another item (e.g. free glass of wine with entry ticket or paid meal)
  • performance of plays (including amateur dramatics and some school productions) - see exemptions
  • showing films
  • playing music (both recorded and live) - See exemptions
  • supply of hot food or drink between 11pm and 5am


You must be at least 18 to apply.

Your event must:

  • have less than 500 people attending (including staff, volunteers and door supervisors)
  • not last any longer than 168 hours (7 days) and there must be at least 24 hours between events


Following a change in the law the following entertainments are now exempt from requiring a licence between 8am and 11pm.

  • unamplified Live Music
  • the performance of dance or a play to an audience of less than 500 people
  • indoor Sporting events if the audience is less than 1000 people (note this exemption does not cover boxing and wrestling)

Number of Notices

Please Note: Due to the following amendments to Alcohol Licensing (Coronavirus) (Regulatory Easements) (Amendment) Regulations 2021, for the years 2022 and 2023 ONLY, and to help businesses and individuals during the pandemic, the maximum number of events is 20 (not 15) and the maximum number of days is 26 (not 21) (the counter notice is also amended).

  • if you do not have a personal licence you can give up to 5 notices a year
  • if you have a personal licence you can give up to 50 notices per year. You can use a premises for up to 15 events per year (as long as it is not used for more than 21 days in a year)

The fee is £21 per event.

If you are unsure if your event or activity needs a Temporary Event Notice please call a member of the licensing team for advice.

If you apply in writing please give 2 copies of the temporary event notice to the Licensing Authority, 1 copy to the local Chief Officer of Police and 1 copy to our Environmental Health team.

The notices must be received by all parties with at least 10 working days notice.

Who can object?

Only the Police and/or Environmental Health can object. They must object within 2 working days of getting their copy of the notice on any of the licensing objectives. Most often these objectives base their objection:

  • Prevention of Crime and Disorder
  • Public Safety
  • Public Nuisance
  • The Protection of Children from Harm

Tacit Authorisation

Tacit authorisation applies after 3 full working days following the day of submission so unless you hear otherwise from The Licensing Team, Environmental Health or the Police then please accept that your Temporary Even Notice has been granted.


To apply for a Temporary Events Notice (TEN) you must use our online form.

In order for you to be able to apply online you will need to create a MySouthend account. Our new online process makes applying for licences quicker and easier. As part of the ongoing modernisation of our licensing service, you can now create an online account. This means that you can apply for or renew, vary or transfer an existing licence and track its progress during the application process.

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