Within our Workforce

We publish annual data on our workforce on various aspects such as age, gender and ethnicity. Please see our Employee Equality Report 2022.

To find out the gender pay statistics of our workforce, please see our Gender Pay Gap Report.

Supporting staff through Forums

We have four staff networks groups who provide advice and support to staff and the wider organisation. Each network supports their members through events, awareness raising of issues and contributing to the development of Council policies and the business agenda on equality and diversity.

Our staff forums are:

Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Staff Forum

Formed in 2008 the forum provides a valuable forum for mutual support and an opportunity for staff to share ideas and viewpoints on new and existing policies. It is self-run and self-managed by BAME members of staff. The activities of the forum contribute towards Council's Equality Objectives, overarching equalities framework and like all forums have support from senior management.

Email: BAME@southend.gov.uk

Disability and Carers Staff Forum (DCSF)

The Disability and Carers Staff Forum is open to employees with any form of disability or caring responsibilities, friends, allies, managers and champions. The forum’s purpose is to give staff both a means of raising collective issues in relation to their employment and a group of staff with whom the Council can consult on employment policies and practices with respect of disability and caring responsibilities. The forum will help ensure the Council has the mechanisms in place to recruit and retain a diverse workforce and discharge its responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010.

Email: DisabilityandCarersStaffForum@southend.gov.uk

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (OUTreach) Staff Forum

OUTreach reaches out to LGBTQ+ staff, allies, other forums, external sites, other organisations and community groups. This is partly for inclusion of LGBTQ+ staff and allies, but also to engage with and learn from the experiences of similar groups from around the city and beyond. OUTreach provides the opportunity for staff to share ideas and discuss new and existing policies in a safe environment. The forum has also supported the Council's Stonewall Workplace Equality Index submission and continues to support ongoing work to enhance LGBTQ+ inclusion in the workplace and city.

Email: OUTreach@southend.gov.uk

Multi-Faith and Belief (MFAB) Staff Forum

The forum represents the diverse faiths and beliefs of staff and provides information and an opportunity to explore different faiths and beliefs. The forum encourages staff to attend the whether they have a faith or belief or not, so that everyone can discuss the benefits or perhaps challenges of having a faith or belief in the workplace. MFAB works with colleagues and senior managers to positively impact decisions around policies and practices and also to reflect inclusivity of all faiths, beliefs and non beliefs.

Email: MFAB@southend.gov.uk

Benefits of Staff Forums

Benefits for members:

  • source of support information and guidance
  • support personal development of members
  • allow for sharing of experiences
  • empower staff by increasing knowledge
  • build confidence amongst network members
  • offer a safe, mutually supportive environment to discuss and address issues

Benefits for the wider organisation:

  • provide support for the organisation on equality and diversity
  • help ensure better policy making
  • provide role models for progress
  • increase sense of belonging and commitment to the organisation
  • contribute to better motivated staff
  • demonstrate Council's commitment to equality and diversity

For further information about our staff forums please contact the forums directly or the Policy and Research Officer.

Contact Switchboard and Out of Hours

Telephone: 01702 215000

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