SmokeFree Southend

A smoke free future for Southend

What does this mean?

Locally the negative impact that smoking has on health inequalities in the community is a concern. Together we can change this. The financial burden on social services, hospital care and loss of productivity due to smoking breaks to local businesses costs Southend approximately £55 Million a year! Can you imagine £55 Million pound a year back in to local services?! It would make a huge difference to you, your community and your healthcare system.

What can we do as a community?

We can work together, educate by supporting family and friends to enjoy a life without smoking. There are so many health risks that can create or worsen a long term condition. The financial gains are rewarding. A 20 a day smoker could save over £3,500 a year! This is enough to take the whole family away on a holiday. Sign up to a one of the free APP’s to track your savings from day one.

Illicit Tobacco

Everyone likes a bargain, but be careful what you bargain for. Let’s face it, a genuine cigarette causes enough damage as it is, containing 4,000 chemicals that when burning can cause significant mutations within the body brought on by the tar and poisoning from carbon monoxide. Illicit tobacco can be even more dangerous, and locally there are illicit retailers and individuals that will make a quick buck out of low income, vulnerable locals.

If you know of any information of any premises or person selling illicit tobacco then make that change and help our community. You could save a life! Call 03454040506 or email Trading Standards

Contact the stop smoking service

Telephone: 01702 212000

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