Houses in Multiple Occupation

HMO Application and Payment Form Information

What is mandatory HMO (Houses in Multiple Occupation) licensing?

The Housing Act 2004 introduced mandatory licensing of some HMOs. With effect from 1st October 2018, more HMOs become liable for licensing. Mandatory licensing will apply to all HMOs that are occupied by five or more persons in two or more separate households who share a standard amenity such as a kitchen, toilet, bathroom or lounge.Buildings consisting solely of entirely self-contained flats or purpose built flats are exempt from licensing. However, if facilities are not fully contained, whether they are shared or not, such properties may require a licence if they fulfil the mandatory licensing criteria. In addition, premises fulfilling mandatory licensing criteria, with commercial properties at ground floor level also require a licence.

The Council has powers and duties to act should you operate a licensable HMO without a licence. This would constitute an offence punishable by prosecution through the courts with an unlimited fine. Where licence holders fail to apply, the Council has powers to claim back housing benefit paid (and tenants may claim back rent paid) using a Rent Repayment Order (RRO), or take control of the property, including control over tenancies and rent via an Interim Management Order (IMO).

How do I apply for an HMO Licence?

Please ensure that you have read the HMO Licence Application Guidance and have completed the House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) Licence Application form.

This downloaded pdf application form can be typed, saved and uploaded via the payment form along with supporting documentation and online payment of fees, or printed and filled in by hand and sent by post, or by email to

Once you have submitted the application, payment can be made using the HMO Payment Form.

Your application will not be considered valid until a completed application form, appropriate fee and all up to date safety certificates and documentation listed below (except gas where gas is not provided to the building) have been provided. Failure to complete the application process to the necessary standard could result in prosecution for failure to license.

  • to Scale or to Proportion Floor Plans of Premises - Please See Guidance
  • up to date copy of Automatic Fire Detection inspection and test certificate(s)
  • up to date copy of Emergency Lighting inspection and test certificate(s)
  • up to date copy of Gas Safety Inspection and test certificate(s)
  • up to date copy of Electrical installation inspection and test certificate(s)
  • a copy of the most recent signed Tenancy Agreement used at the property
  • a copy of the Domestic Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for the entire HMO AND an EPC for each self-contained flat within
  • where the proposed licence holder is not the owner of the property provide a copy of the written contract between the owner and proposed licence holder
  • up to date copy of Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) certificates
  • a copy of the Fire Risk Assessment
  • a copy of relevant insurance Certificate

Application to Vary a Mandatory Licence

Further related downloads are available.

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