Social Enterprise in Southend

Social enterprises are businesses engaged in some form of trading, but instead of making money for private shareholders they make profits to address social and/or environmental needs.  They are distinct from private sector businesses by having an explicit social and/or environmental purpose; they are different from voluntary sector organisations by having a business focus. Social Enterprise is a concept not a legal entity. 

There are more than 60,000 social enterprises in the UK, adding over £24billion to the economy and employing nearly 1million people. The South East is one of the fastest growing areas with 36% of social enterprises in the area are less than 3 years old (SE UK 2016). A Social Enterprise Network has been established in Southend.

If you are interested in starting a Social Enterprise or finding out more about the network in Southend please contact the Economic Development team on 01702 215022 or email

Page last updated: 25/01/2019